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Climate Change in Europe accelerates at a faster pace than elsewhere

An article by Arthur Neslen in The Guardian on 17th January 2017 states that new, peer reviewed, studies have shown that the Northern Hemisphere, especially Europe is feeling greater effects of climate change than the global average.

Droughts, flood and storms are occurring more frequently and Europe’s Atlantic-facing countries will suffer heavier rainfalls, greater flood risk, more severe storm damage and an increase in “multiple climatic hazards”.

Temperatures in mountain ranges such as the Alps and the Pyrenees are predicted to soar to glacier-melting levels, while the Mediterranean faces a “drastic” increase in heat extremes, droughts, crop failure and forest fires.  Sea level rise is accelerating, largely due to increased disintegration of ice sheets, and new evidence shows that heavy precipitation has increased in Europe, causing more flooding.

Some species are already adapting their life cycles, due to the early arrival of Spring but the report states that climate change is occurring too rapidly for most species to cope – and more extinctions are expected.

Europe’s thermal growing season is now 10 days longer than in 1992 and some countries around the Mediterranean Sea may have to start growing their crops in Winter.