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Energy security is possible without nuclear power or fracked gas by Keith Barnham

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Prof. Keith Barnham, a member of Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) and an emeritus professor and distinguished research fellow at Imperial College London, published an article in the Comments section of the New Scientist on 6th June 2017:

There is a mantra that nuclear and natural gas power stations are essential to keep the lights on in the UK. It’s a myth, says Keith Barnham and states that an all-renewable supply is a viable way forward.  He goes on to say, “Here’s a fact you won’t have heard from the main parties during the UK’s election campaign: the nation doesn’t need a new generation of expensive nuclear reactors or a dash for shale gas to keep the lights on. An all-renewable electricity supply can provide energy security.”

The arguments he provides for this can be seen in the New Scientist article (via the link above), which provides the evidence to support this claim.

 an offshore wind farm

Offshore Wind Turbines

Further information about alternative forms of renewable energy can be found on the website of  Alternative Energy (AE) News, which publishes articles about renewable energy, new technologies, and anything that will help  civilisation to use energy and natural resources in a more sustainable and efficient way. See:





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