human activity and the destruction of the planet

TreeSisters: a global movement by women to reforest the planet

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Full details of this new movement can be found at:

TreeSisters is a grassroots network of women planting over a billion trees a year in the tropics.  Their vision is to reforest the tropics within 10 years.

From their website:

We cannot live without rainforests

With 80% of our primary global forests gone, we need to sequester atmospheric carbon as fast as we can. Trees replenish groundwater and rivers, protect biodiversity, soil and livelihoods, and support healthy ocean temperatures. They represent one of the best solutions we have to escalating climate disruption.

Fast growing tropical trees sequester carbon three times faster than temperate trees, which is why we are currently planting in Brazil, Madagascar, Kenya, and India with expansion into at least four more countries in 2017.

A video from the TreeSisters of Mount Kenya can be found on the website.


Women all over the world are invited to join the TreeSisters movement, either by donating funds to buy trees or by planting the trees themselves.  The Mount Kenya movement is rooted in the local community itself.

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