human activity and the destruction of the planet

Rights for Mother Nature

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The following has been pasted from the website of Avaaz:

“Nature is being annihilated everywhere – pollution, overfishing, logging, mining. There’s no end to the massacres. But what if nature had its own set of rights?

A legal revolution could give nature its own voice – a bold vision that would grant trees, oceans, animals and mountains the same rights people and corporations have, allowing citizens to take polluters to court — a recognition that all life is connection, balancing what’s good for humans against what’s good for other species and the planet.

And here’s the kicker: The UN said if we get 1 million signatures, we’re invited to present the idea at the General Assembly. This amazing opportunity could kickstart support for an entirely new global treaty.

Let’s get all in and bring this revolutionary proposal to the UN and inspire world leaders to action.”


The following is a petition being developed by Avaaz. You can go to the website to sign it and please share it with your friends:

To all governments::

As global citizens worried about the collapse of our ecosystems and concerned about the sustainable management of our planet, we urge you to recognise nature – in all its life forms – as a legal entity by adopting a Declaration of Rights of Nature. It’s time to restructure our relationship with nature and set a long term goal of protecting at least 50% of our lands and oceans so that humanity can flourish in harmony with nature – as part of nature.

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