human activity and the destruction of the planet

Earth Day Switch: 22.4.20

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Our planet is rapidly heading towards climate breakdown & ecological collapse, while financial institutions continue to invest in fossil fuels & similar extinction-driving industries. You are invited to change this.

Earth Day Switch is a cross-organisational consumer-led international campaign to divert money from these industries through switching banks, insurance, pension and energy providers, en masse on the 50 year anniversary of Earth Day. This campaign will:

  • Facilitate urgent change by mass moving billions out of fossil fuel finance on Earth Day 22.4.20
  • Align environmental groups with an international campaign that fits all
  • Mobilise the millions of supporters of environmental groups to engage in action
  • Disrupt the grey economy financial market & facilitate the green transition
  • Drive media attention with a focused narrative and timeline

Earth Day Switch is simple and broad making it a suitable campaign for individuals, groups, NGOs and companies to engage in. The action can be applied to these areas, giving participants autonomy of their involvement:

Energy providers – Banks – Insurance companies – Managed funds  – Pension companies

The website will offer a resource to find out which service providers have fossil fuel investments and how to switch to a better one if they do. It will also act as a clear landing site to share campaign updates and convene information from partners. It will enable easy navigation to the facts of finance and sources of external advice. It will be guided by a legal team to ensure messaging and content does not breach regulations by the Financial Conduct Authority. The website can also be used to capture key performance indicators: number of people participating, a live tally of money pledged for divestment, breadth of engagement.

The same day switching will enable better data gathering for quantifiable results and impact assessment, demonstrate the global appetite for action and deliver a strong message to those businesses and institutions who continue to finance extinction-driving industries. 

Earth Day Switch will run independently from any organisation, by doing so, this will allow organisations that all have the same goal to work together on this campaign. Earth Day Switch organisers are already in discussions with: 

Greenpeace – Mobilize.Earth – Extinction Rebellion – Sierra Club – Friends of the Earth – Earth Alliance BankTrack – Ethical Consumer – Fridays for Future – Ethex – Moral Money – Good With Money – – The Finance Innovation Lab – Greenhouse – Possible (formally 1010) – Positive Money – WWF – Green Faith – The Wildlife Trust – RSPB –

For more details contact



Letters to the Earth

One of the ways that people have been encouraged to cope with the Covid-19 lockdown is to write letters to the earth.

In these moments of separation, stillness and unknown, Letters to the Earth is an opportunity to reconnect and for a new story to emerge.

What do you want to say? What needs to be heard?

 For our key workers, neighbours, faraway friends and family. For yourself, for others and for the Earth: Letters of love, support and hope are needed.

Take a moment, from wherever you are.
And write your Letter to the Earth.

The deadline for posting these letters has now gone but ones that were written will be available for reading on Earth Day, 22nd April 2020.

To see them go to the Letters to the Earth website.


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