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Thousands Calling for a Just Recovery

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Today, the following email was received from, a global climate movement.

“Last week, we reached out for help in telling some of the most powerful people in the world to spend coronavirus recovery money on people, not polluters.

Thousands of us took action. 350 supporters and volunteers across the globe tweeted, emailed, made face masks and even took to the streets for COVID-19 safe actions. From Brazil to Belgium we rose up together and made it impossible for politicians to look away. In Frankfurt, climate activists blockaded the European Central Bank in protest at their funding of polluters. In the heart of London, youth strikers projected demands for change onto the Treasury and the Bank of England.

We showed world leaders that we’re not stopping until we get the just recovery we asked for. We will keep taking action online and offline over the coming months to ensure that recovery money spent by governments and central banks goes towards building back better – rather than returning to a business-as-usual that wasn’t working.

So take a few moments out of your day to appreciate the power of this movement and strengthen your commitment to the fight for a #JustRecovery. Watch and share the inspiring wrap-up video from last week’s actions that happened around the world.

Last week two summits took place, similar in that they were both gatherings of immensely powerful people making decisions regarding trillions of euros which would affect all of us and our post-coronavirus future. One was a gathering of European leaders and the other a meeting of finance ministers and central bankers from the world’s twenty richest countries.

What was the outcome of these meetings, you may ask? Did we get the Just Recovery we asked for? The short answer is: not yet. But we knew going in that a real just recovery wouldn’t be about any one meeting. It’s a struggle that will continue until we’ve won a better, brighter future for everyone.

Last week, together, we achieved something very special: we changed the conversation, and we showed world leaders the power of this growing movement for a just recovery. 

We will keep fighting, keep pushing, keep shouting until we get what this world needs and deserves. A recovery that prioritises workers over polluters, that puts the health of people over the profits of corporations and that builds solidarity and community across borders. Thank you for being part of this fight! “


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