human activity and the destruction of the planet


“Three Generations Left?” has been written in a simple, illustrated style, to encourage readers to understand what global warming and climate change are all about, why they are happening, and why there is danger of the destruction of life on the planet within three generations (by the end of this century). It is really that serious but the media, hand in glove with the big corporations, continually plays it down.  The book provides clear evidence, from a number of sources that climate change is happening and could be useful for students working on climate change projects, as well as teachers and lecturers.

Up to ten factors have all been working together to bring about the current situation and the books links all of them together and shows how there needs to be a change from current thinking about the economy, growth and trade, if we are to save the planet.

The author, Dr Christine Parkinson, originally qualified as a Biologist, then took a Master’s degree followed by a PhD in medical research. She published 50 papers in scientific journals.  Her interest in climate change was sparked during a three month journey around the world, in which she became aware of the clouds of pollution hanging over each city she visited.

Christine has been politically involved, standing as a parliamentary candidate in 1987.  More recently, she worked as a community organiser and social entrepreneur in the inner city of Birmingham, setting up three regeneration projects for marginalised people.

The book was published in November 2016.  This website, as well as promoting the book, provides information about issues that have come to light since the book was published.


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