human activity and the destruction of the planet

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“Rise for Climate” global campaign 8 Sept is organising the Rise for Climate campaign, with demonstrations and events across the world. As many prepare for this next week, organisers and activists across Europe and the world have been sharing their personal stories.

Read the stories on why people in Europe are Rising for climate, and get inspired!

Woman holding a megathone, with a Fossil Free symbol on her cheek

Everyone has a different motivation for taking action, and that’s one of the reasons our movement is so unique and powerful — communities experiencing floods, wildfires and sea level rise, people of all ages and walks of life, those organising in communities traditionally closely linked to fossil fuels.

And even though the experiences that move each of us to action are different, we stand together in our solidarity and our vision for a Fossil Free future built from the grassroots up. Not just in Europe, but across the world.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to stop the climate crisis, you can still play a part. It’s easy: hundreds of people are already preparing their events, from rallies to picnics, from film screenings to climate brunches.

Your turn. Join or host an event near you:

Rise for Climate on 8 September

Julia and the #RiseForClimate team

PS. Rise for Climate is a global day of action. From Seattle to the Pacific Islands, from India to Ukraine, this is why we Rise on 8 September. is building a global climate movement. You can connect with them on Facebookfollow them on Twitter, and become a sustaining donor to keep this movement strong and growing.

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Just as we did before the Paris climate conference, we need to demonstrate that there’s a deep and wide demand from people around the world for climate action.

And if we can’t do it now — after the heatwaves, hurricanes, flooding and wildfires that have devastated many corners of the world in the past few weeks — then when?

Here are the events taking place near you:

WHAT: Coventry-Rise for Climate
WHEN: Saturday, September 8, 2:00 PM
WHERE: Bull Yard, Coventry


Technical note: If you click through to the event page above, you might see a grey “Host an event” button under the form. To join your local event, just keep on scrolling down and hit the red “RSVP” button.
We’re focused on 100% renewables (and the price of solar power keeps hitting record lows). We’re focused on stopping the build out of new fossil fuel infrastructure (and just last week came the news that yet another court has ordered yet another new review of Keystone XL). And we’re focused on stopping the flow of money to the fossil fuel industry (we’re still a little giddy from the news that the entire nation of Ireland is divesting, bringing the total commitments to well over $6 trillion).

But now we need you, in your community. If the past days of global action are any indication, this will be fun, moving, and extraordinarily useful. Find out what’s happening near you, and sign up. And see you in the streets. has also circulated an email about fracking and how local councils are supporting this through investing in companies involved in the fracking.  This is the text of the email:

“How much does your local council invest in fracking?

Our report – published today with partners [1] – has revealed that local council pension funds across the UK are investing over £9 billion in the global fracking industryFind out now what your council invests in fracking →

Fracking is a global industry, having global impacts. From Australia to Argentina – fracking projects are threatening communities, destroying local landscapes, and fuelling climate change.

In the UK, big companies like BP and Shell care too much about their public image to get involved in fracking. But they have no problem getting their hands dirty in other countries. Our councils are investing in these companies, and by investing they are supporting the industry.

Watch and share the #DivestFracking video on Facebook →

Lots of UK councils already understand the threat that fracking poses to communities, and have rejected developments in their areas time and again. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland fracking has been effectively halted, but local councils still manage pension funds investing millions in fracking companies.

It’s time for our councils to stand up to fracking and divest from fossil fuel. Learn how you can take action.


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