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England is running short of water

According to a report from the CEO (Sir James Bevan) of the Environment Agency, and published in The Guardian, England could be running out of water in 25 years’ time.

The reasons for this are an increasing population, with an increasing demand for water and the effects of climate change.

Sir James Bevan

People’s water use and leakage from pipes needs to be cut by 33% and 50%, respectively, according to Bevan.  He suggests introducing some ambitious measures, such as:

Building new and larger reservoirs; build additional desalination plants; and develop new ways of transporting water across the country.

In a speech to Waterwise, Bevan said that all water companies need to identify their biggest risk, that is Climate Change.  By 2040, more than half of our summers are expected to be hotter than the 2003 heatwave, he said, leading to more water shortages and potentially 50-80% less water in some rivers in the summer.

The average person’s daily water use of 140 litres could be brought down to 100, by raising awareness of water wastage and making it socially unacceptable to waste water.

England’s population is expected to rise from 67 million to 75 million by 2050.  Maybe this should be addressed, as well as the above measures.

Any planned developments to conserve water should also be sensitive to the needs of wildlife and the environment.