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The Pros and Cons for Electric Cars

I have wanted to change my car for an electric one for a long time but I cannot afford a new car and second-hand electric and hybrid cars are also expensive.  I would have thought that, with the threat of climate change looming over us, the motor car industry would have come up with cheaper models long before now, as well as advice about how to change to using one. The motor industry seems to be more interested in promoting driver-less cars than those that run on clean energy. What support is available to help potential buyers to choose the right electric or hybrid car?  And what do you need to know to adapt from a petrol car to an electric car and operate it successfully?  Very little information in this country – though some Scandinavian countries have embraced the era of electric cars much more readily than the UK.  (Norway, Sweden, Germany, China and the US all offer some kind of financial incentive to encourage the ownership of an electric car).

But now things have changed, thanks to the Financial Times.  An article published on August 31st 2018, by the FT, entitled “Should you buy an electric car?”, goes into all the ins and outs of it.  See:

It describes all the different kinds and their options and lists the disadvantages of them.  However, despite the disadvantages, it would seem that people who have bought an electric vehicle never want to go back to a petrol-driven one again. And, whilst they may be more expensive to buy, they are much cheaper to run – a figure of £3,000 per year savings has been quoted.

Do read the article.  It doesn’t answer all my questions but it’s a start. Well done Financial Times.  And, do catch up British motor industry!

But, before you rush out to buy one, do read the Which report, “How far can electric cars really go on a single charge?”  They tested a number of cars on the market and found that their ranges in almost all cases were not so far as those claimed for them.

Read more: – Which?

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8th Sep 2018:

And now a new report from The Times, entitled “Around the world in an electric car”It lists the nine governments around the world which are offering incentives to people buying electric cars.  They include Norway, Austria, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, USA.  Full details at: